Be Unique.

Sometimes a homeowner wants to go beyond and create something to really transform their home into something extra special.

A Luxury Wine Cellar is the perfect addition for any home owner who wants to create a unique, high-end space to showcase their wine collection.  Crafted from the finest materials, detailed with specialty woodworking, temperature and humidity controlled, this Luxury Wine Cellar is the envy of all who step inside.  We chose fine natural pine against cold rolled steel so the room will age and mature along with the wine.  Custom made French doors with insulated glass with a brass lock.  All of the tiles are hand made and commercial grade cooling and humidifying to maintain perfect 55 degree temperature and 50 percent humidity at all times. The time and craftmanship that went into every detail from the intricately designed shelves to its stylish and sophisticated floors, ceilings and walls, this wine cellar is the perfect way to store and enjoy the finest wines, and the luxury centerpiece of this beautiful home.